We are a Mexican Agricultural Company dedicated to the
production of fresh vegetables of the highest quality and safety with extensive experience in the marketing and distribution of our products in national market and overseas. We are aware of the current market demand for fresh foods, this drive us to search continuously constantly improving our production processes and packing to produce a healthy product, secure, safe and trustworthy, to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers. We have an extensive production year round in our different Ranch Farming, as well as a great variety of vegetables for the fertility of our fields which are strictly controlled by experts in the handling of Vegetables and Grains, quality and care of our product is the result the hard work and commitment of staff who integrates Agrícola Amigo.


Food & Beverages


Lettuce, Broccoli ,Asparagus, Radicchio, Celery, Butternut,Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Coriander


Primus GFS, Primus Labs, C-TPAT, Global G.A.P., Senasica, Oregon Tilth, Empresa Socialmente Responsable. HACCP.

Top Destinations:

Canada, USA, Japon, Australia, Centro America

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Boulevard Paseo de la Juventud No. 102 Int. B1, Cortazar, Gto. 38300

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Ángel González Mendez Garmendia

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