We are proud to introduce our brand, Donoxti®, built on our vision of offering the most innovative and high-quality food products to the world.
Mexico´s natural resources and the country´s unique location are the source of an abundant variety of healthy, diverse, and one-of- a-kind foods, which, even today, are hidden away behind our borders.
Our desire to share these Mexican products with the world is what drives us to develop new food alternatives, which one day will help people see in Mexican foods and products the best options they can find.
To us, quality is everything. That´s why we work tirelessly day after day to transmit that quality through our products and in every detail of everything we do. From the wooden cap that crowns the top of our handcrafted Avocado Oil glass bottles to the fabric patterns embroidered by Mexican artisans on our honey, and even, of course, to the great quality and healthy nutrients in our products.


Food & Beverages


100% Pure avocado oil, Avocado honey, Mezquite honey, Floral honey.


10 TONS of avocado oil per month, 10 TONS of honey per month



Top Destinations:

United States, South Korea, China, Canada

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Ángel González Mendez Garmendia

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