TDC is a Mexican company founded in 1981. We produce 100% vegetable bovine tanned hides. With a surface of 10,000 M2 and a capacity to process 400 TON per month. We buy only top quality hides from Mexico and USA. The experience and knowledge we have on tanning, edge machinery, high quality chemical products, and our pit system, is guarantee to deliver high quality products. The company has environmental certifications, we also offer a environmental friendly product.




• Sole leather (shoes) • Natural, Finished or Dye thru Strap Leather (Double shoulders, single or double butts, and sides). For belts, pouches, strips, saddles, dog collars, etc. • Sole bellies and strap bellies • Skirting Sides for saddlery


400 Tons per month


Eco Tannery, PAOT

Top Destinations:

China, USA, Dominican Republic, Italy, Japan, Australia

Corporate Name:

Teneria Dueñas del Centro, S.A. de C.V.

Contact information



+52 (477) 778 2020


Monte Carmelo, Arroyo Hondo, León, Gto. 37440

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Jacob Torres Espino

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