Calzado Chavita is a safety and outdoor footwear manufacturing company founded in 1939 and it is a Mexican family business since then.
It is a medium-sized company producing around 4,000 pairs per week, using the best technology and high quality materials, reason why the company has an important position in the domestic market.
"Berrendo“, its own registered trademark, is today well known not only in Mexico, but in the International market. Through the last 25 years, it has been exporting to several countries such as Canada, USA, Japan, France, Central and South America and the Caribbean islands as well.
Berrendo safety products meet international standards as ASTM, CSA and NYCE NOM-113- STPS-2009
The company’s mission and vision is to provide the best protection with high quality, comfortability, and good looking footwear to our customers.




Safety Footwear, Casual loafers.

Number of employees:



Mexican Shoes Quality, WRAP, ESR , VF CERTIFICATION

Top Destinations:

Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, United States, Canada

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