The company was founded by Lic. Federico Rodríguez López, manufacturing floor shoes with the name Condorina Flats in June 1981, later for April 1982 changed the name to Industrial Zapatera Gerico producing fashion footwear for women with Carlo Rossetti brand.
Today the company has 2 factories which have more than 400 employees with a monthly capacity of
approximately 70,000 pairs.
The factory of Santa Rita manufactures 25% of the total production of cut and backstitch and 100% of the assembled and finished footwear and Cueramaro factory manufactures 75% of the cut and backstitch. Where are manufactured floor, heel and platform sandals, ballerinas and flats, heels and platform shoes, floor, heels and platform bootys and floor, heels and platform boots. We also has 17 Calro Rossetti points of sale in Mexico, making us a highly recognized brand in Mexico 100% Mexican and 100% operated by Mexicans. Whose mission is to make each woman feel unique and admired, to become the leading company in fashion footwear for women nationwide, being the first Mexican footwear company with an own brand sale points in the US and Japan.
Carlo Rossetti began exporting in 1991, however after 26 years of having started in exports we have managed to open the way abroad and export to two of the most important markets: the United States and Japan. In addition, we have other destinations, including Colombia and Central and South America.




High heel, Casual boot, Ballerina, Sandal.

Number of employees:



7,000 weekly pairs


Mexican Shoes Quality

Top Destinations:

United States, Colombia, Japan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

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