Founded in 1934 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Three years after, a hammered and stitched workshop was established in León, Gto., until Good Year Welt process was dominated.
This process allowed us to export cowboy boots and leather shoes, becoming our first achievements to follow our mission. Good Year Welt knowledge carried us to develop technologies, applications and appropriate designs to the market.
As the years went, technology in machinery for direct injection and vulcanization outsole attach was implemented, this helped us to get the acceptance of our product in Mexico and abroad.
Proudly today, COMANDO manufactures footwear with high-end technology that guarantees a safety shoe quality and protection, to fulfill national and international regulations. Each COMANDO product has competitive & unique advantages in the market as the wade range of exclusive and patented materials.
High performance and perfectionism has been the mission that COMANDO GRUPO INDUSTRIAL still has since 1934 in all productions footwear lines, this made us to become leaders in technology and innovation reaching
expectations and users requirements.




Safety footwear, Diabetic

Number of employees:



25,000 weekly pairs


NOM 113-STP2009

Top Destinations:

Canada, United States, New Zealand, El Salvador, Japan

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