In 1979 Mr. Fco. Javier Canales established the first factory and began to build the “Grupo Industrial Dogi” making 300 pairs of shoes per day, production capacity that has been increased until produce 5000 pairs per day for all kid edges. Because our high quality, good prices and very good customer service we sell all our production successfully. The production of the factories is very flexible, because they have capacity to produce several types of shoes to get a
competitive advantage and a very good position in the market. until now our company has registered an important growth and development; our experience in the market make us experts to create products which satisfy our consumer needs, because of that, Dogi has became the kid’s best friend.




For babies: Sandal, Casual boot, Sport, Casual, Scholastic

Number of employees:



30,000 weekly pairs


CPSC (Calzado Infantil)

Top Destinations:

United States, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala

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Jacob Torres Espino

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