“Artesanías Sánchez Quintana” was founded in 1990 in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and since then the crafts we make are elaborated specially by the most qualified mexican craftsmen´s hands that guarantee our customers that they´ll get the most satisfactories products

“Authenticity and quality” are the words that define us, because it´s trough their application to our products that invite our audience to get our unique handicrafts, for being perfects to decorate their indoor and outdoor areas, generating esthetics, harmonious and warm spaces.


Home & Decor


Glass jewelry boxes, small glass cabinets, square tinplate mirror, pocket mirrors, mirror with colorful glass, mirrors with aged glass, lamps of different styles, tinplate stars, stars in all the types of glass we handle, lanterns, crosses, terrariums.


Production capacity of 500 pieces, that depends of the product.

Top Destinations:

United States of America, Canada

Corporate Name

Artesanías Sánchez Quintana

Contact information



+52 (415) 113 6493, (415) 103 2407


Calzada de la Presa #18-A. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. 37700

Product Gallery

Rubén Sepúlveda Aceves

+52 (472) 215 20 00 ext. 1123

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