Canville started on January of 2011. We wanted to develop quality pet products and designs that were new for the mexican market at the same time being competitive on the international pet market.

Canville was founded by Paola Cantu and Efrén Arroyo. We have several sales channels.

Our products are sold online, both in our own website and sites like Amazon, Linio and Mercado Libre. Some of our majors customers are Liverpool and Petsy and petshops around Mexico. We take special care in the use of first quality leathers and hardware with 24K gold plating.


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We have two product ranges of pet accessories. Canville is our Premium Brand, which includes Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Leashes and Dog Beds and UNONCE, our basic brand with nylon dog collars and fun designs plastic applications.


Our current production is around 1000 units per month. The installed production capacity is 5000 units per month.

Top Destinations:

United States, Chile, España

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Rubén Sepúlveda Aceves

+52 (472) 215 20 00 ext. 1123

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