ORBINGENIERIA is a Mexican company specialized in
the field of plate heat exchangers (coolers, pasteurizers,
heaters, evaporators, condensers, etc...), that offers
new equipment design, spare parts and maintenance
in its various forms (preventive, corrective, urgent).
The consolidation of our area of expertise allow us to
offer a full comprehensive service to our clients in our
discipline, and can you delegate to a single company
and a single responsible, all the activities related to plate
heat exchangers, both supply, commissioning, testing and training, with the specialist staff who have to their credit, a long experience with over 20 years in this kind of heat exchange equipment.
Today we are the only Mexican company with 100% made in Mexico exchangers and ISO 9001: 2008 certification in these and also the only certified service center. We have the largest Service Center in all the Mexican Republic and have a range of national and transnational clients that applying our work.


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A heat exchanger is a static mechanical element that makes the transfer of thermal energy (heat or cold) between two or more fluids, these are separated by metal plates, through which the heat exchange is made, and sealed to the outside through some fluids and temperatures compatible elastomer which operates the equipment.


We can make calculation equipment needed most innovative on the market with technology and size required. Gasket free of glue, better pressure and further lifetime support, as well as other benefits based on any specific requirements.


ISO 9001-2008 proximity ISO 9001-2015

Top Destinations:

United States of America, Canada, Colombia, Central America, South America

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+52 (461) 615 15 02


Av. Laurel 104, Fracc. Industrial El Vergel, Celaya, Gto. 30110

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Luis Antonio Vargas Zavala


+52 (472) 215 20 00 ext. 1112

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