We’ are a biomimetic startup that develops and produces biomaterials. Our objective is to reduce the environmental impact generated by the use of oil based materials, by developing and commercializing substitute biomaterials with zero carbon footprint. By applying biotech to materials we generate materials produced through energetically and ecologically efficient proceses. Offering cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and versatile solutions. We believe in a world were a new generation of biomaterials, supply the demand for short life consumables, and we are key players in that supply chain. Polybion was founded in 2015 with the vision of developing materials in tune with the environment and can be reabsorbed by natura at the end of their life cycle. Currently we have developed 2 biomaterials, the first one Fungicel®, its a substitute for styrofoam in packaging and insulation application, produced from agroindustrial biomass and fungi that serve as glue, agglomerating the fibers together and rendering a shock absorbing and great insulating material, a biocomposite. The second product, we call it Celium, a leather-like material, animal-free, with lower eater footprint and carbon negative, that can be used for bags, shoes, wallets, among other applications.


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Biomaterials, Celium, Fungicel


Celium - 500 canvas of 50cm x 50 cm monthly Fungicel - 1,000 units of standard corner monthly

Top Destinations:

United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, China, Rusia.

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Polybio S.A.P.I de C.V

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Escuela Médico Militar #129 Sótano 1. Irapuato, Gto. 36660

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Luis Antonio Vargas Zavala


+52 (472) 215 20 00 ext. 1112

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